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There are few people in this world so passionate about what they do that they invent an entirely different language just so others can enjoy the fruits of their labor as quickly as possible this rare breed stands apart from the rest because they stand for something significant Raising Cane's is great in the sense that we do a little thing a little differently yes sir a restaurant company yes we serve food yes we take care of customers but the way we operate our business we go above and beyond what's doing what's right for the customers we'll try for the community and which are for the people involved in operation a lot of people look at our concept and say well they just do one thing, but our goal is perfection good enough is not good enough at Raising Cane's we want to be the best people just love what we do, and we are one love our chicken fingers we have a good product and like even our restaurants crew members everyone's just like we have awesome people there's not going to be very many places in life that you're going to go to work to have fun culture is the hardest thing to define you can measure sales due measure operational performance but culture it's hard to quantify, and it's that feel you have when you walk into a restaurant from the disco balls the lights the music that's what I first heard about its infectious when you come into a restaurant and everyone's having a good time the customers want to be there for part of the atmosphere as well you're welcomed welcome to Cannes your interaction with the crew members I think that's what makes us special there was a crew member he was wiping tables, and he was whistling and smiling have a great time and I asked him I said why you are so happy he says I just love working here they treat us great like you know it's just a fun place and his enthusiasm was genuine it was real when you join in the Cannes culture you're immediately immersed whether you're going to be at the restaurant or if you're going to be at the office they put you into the restaurant, and you train the full crew training and I think it really builds a strong bond that everyone here from Todd the CEO all the way down is all trained, and we all do the exact same thing, and we all have specialized focuses, but I think it speaks a lot that we've all come from the same place I was in training I was in a restaurant and I had an inside crew member teaching me how to do coleslaw, and she's slapping hand telling me that I'm not pulling out the big pieces of coleslaw if you can get culture like that people dedicated to you know making it right for the customer, and I'm being cheated because I'm not taking out the big enough pieces of coleslaw that to me is what culture has gotten through the entire organization about making this perfect box you know we're all about the crew for one and our community so who doesn't want to work for us for clothes on holidays we take him to Six Flags on Memorial Day we've taken a main event on...
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